The California Endowment Commits $100 Million to Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities Across California

The California Endowment Commits $100 Million to Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities Across California

Anti-Racism Investments focused on Asian American & Pacific Islander Power Builders

Los Angeles – The California Endowment announced today that it will be committing $100 million over the next 10 years to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations across the state in an effort to support AAPI led organizations, providing resources to ensure grassroots organizations can build and expand a power infrastructure that advances health equity, racial justice and transformative solidarity.

The investment responds to the significant spike in violence towards AAPI communities reinvigorated since the start of the pandemic and the horrific mass shooting that took the lives of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian women. At the recommendation of TCE staff, the board approved doubling the foundation investments to AAPI led power building organizations to $10 million per year expanding the state’s AAPI power infrastructure.

“As we work towards a more inclusive state and nation, we have a responsibility to acknowledge these horrific Anti-Asian attacks and work towards healing the trauma the AAPI community has endured,” said Dr. Winston Wong, TCE Board of Directors. “The pandemic has exposed the ugly history of Anti-Asian hate in this country. Now more than ever funding such as this is critical in moving the needle on racial equity.”

Over the next 10 years TCE will strategically increase resources available to AAPI led organizations, in alignment with the organization’s long-term commitment to power-building aimed at health equity and racial justice. The investment is intended to provide immediate support and resources to AAPI community partners on the frontlines; cultivate enduring  relationships  and deepen understanding of the complexity of AAPI issues; and provide resources to support AAPI anti-racist power-building strategies for long-term change.

“In our overarching pursuit of dismantling white supremacy and advancing racial justice, we see our AAPI leaders and partners integral to the fight and on-going pursuit of health and justice for all,” said Dr. Shawn Ginwright, TCE Board Chair and Professor of Education in Africana Studies at San Francisco State University. “Our Black, Brown, Native and immigrant communities have been standing in solidarity with our AAPI communities to tear down the walls of racism. And as a funding organization, this commitment is our way of standing in solidary with our AAPI brothers and sisters and uplift the resilience of communities of color who continue to fight racism in this country.”

According to staff, TCE will begin to engage and provide support through the investment to AAPI led organizations in May of this year.


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