Social Justice and Health Equity for All Californians

We want to see healthy communities where youth and adults thrive and all community members develop their full potential, thus achieving greater health equity for all Californians.

Our Story


Learn how we are using the immense power in belonging to help build a healthier, more just California for All.


Envisioning a California for All

We support wellness, inclusion, and shared prosperity for all Californians.

People Power

Developing young and adult leaders to work intergenerationally to raise up the voice of marginalized communities and promote greater civic activism as essential building blocks for an inclusive, equitably prosperous state.

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Reimagined Public

Transforming our public institutions to become significant investors in, and champions of, racial and social equity, and in the healthy development and success of young people for generations to come.

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A 21st Century “Health for All” System

Ensuring prevention, community wellness, and access to quality health care for all Californians.


Where We're Focused

Our plan for the next 10 years is to expand our reach across California and increase impact from the previous 14 Building Healthy Community sites.


Our Grantmaking

We seek to use our grantmaking to build people power, reimagine public institutions, and expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities within California.

About Our FundingThe California Endowment’s funding opportunities are by invitation only.
Our Grantmaking
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